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Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Controllers and Microprocessors

Effortless Embedded Control Solutions

Effortlessly meet the ever-changing requirements of modern electronics with our portfolio of scalable 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) and microprocessors (MPUs). Our flexible peripherals and functions make it easy to create differentiated applications that set you apart from your competition. You’ll find it simple to get started by using our intuitive design environments and visual configuration tools, while our proven reference designs and professionally-tested software libraries lower your design risk.

IC QFN 40 Pin

Development Tools and Ecosystem

Are you being asked to get a prototype done fast? Our development ecosystem brings you intuitive design environments for quick prototyping. Use one of our reference designs or boards to jump-start your design so you can focus on differentiating your product. Use our professionally tested software frameworks, libraries and code examples to write your firmware with confidence. Our tools work together to provide state-of-the-art debugging with easy-to-use graphical user interfaces. Whether you need samples, example software or production programming, we provide complete design support for every stage of your project.

Scalable Performance

Don’t let changing application requirements force a complete redesign. Microchip is the only semiconductor supplier innovating across 8-, 16- and 32-bit MCUs, DSCs and MPUs, providing the ultimate selection in scalable performance. There’s also no need to learn a new development environment or start your code from scratch within the Microchip development ecosystem because you can leverage common tools across multiple designs. This allows you to preserve your investment in code development by reusing your application firmware, even when your design requirements change.

8-bit MCUs

Our 8-bit PIC® and AVR® microcontrollers help developers of all skill levels to easily bring their ideas to life. Use the combination of readily customizable peripherals and the industry's most code-efficient architectures to bring multiple functions to a single chip with minimal programming.

  • Easiest entry point for MCU development
  • Architected for real-time control applications
  • Fully compatible device family members that allow increases in functionality without extensive redesigns

16-bit MCUs and DSCs

PIC24 microcontrollers are ideal for applications that have outgrown the performance or memory capabilities of an 8-bit MCU and can benefit from staying within a common ecosystem. Our dsPIC® digital signal controllers offer DSP performance for time-critical control loops.

  • Simplicity of an MCU with the performance of a DSP
  • Precision motor control with sensorless Field-Oriented Control
  • Efficient digital power conversion with Power Factor Correction
  • Robust functional safety features for safety-critical applications

32-bit MCUs

Our 32-bit microcontrollers provide performance and functional capabilities to meet design needs across a wide variety of applications.

  • Low-power, high-performance MCUs to run multi-threaded applications
  • Hardware-based touch and graphics capabilities for HMI applications
  • Security capabilities such as secure boot, secure firmware upgrade, hardware isolation, key protection and more
  • Highly integrated connectivity including CAN/CAN FD, Hi-Speed USB and Ethernet
  • Broad portfolio provides scalability to easily meet changing market requirements


Microprocessors are a natural next step for those who have outgrown the performance capabilities of an MCU, need extra memory or would like to run the Linux® operating system on their application.

  • System-on-Module (SOM), System-in-Package (SiP) and IC options provide accessible MPU development regardless of experience
  • Scalable security solutions from basic secured communications and storage to the implementation of a secure enclave
  • Hardware-based touch and graphics capabilities for HMI applications
  • Support for bare metal, RTOS and Linux with peripheral driver support