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LED Drivers and Backlighting

LED Drivers for Automotive, Backlighting, Electroluminescence and More

The utilization of LED technology is growing in every marketplace and has expanded outside of traditional lighting applications. Exciting new opportunities are all around us but this also creates challenges for engineers that are integrating LED technologies into complex systems such as automotive safety systems and other high-reliability focused systems. Other lighting-related applications are also maturing in requirements as well. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is one such lighting application that requires LED technologies that work together as a system to mimic the cycle of natural lighting which can improve health and productivity.  Microchip is simplifying the development of LED applications by providing drivers, power management, interface, connectivity and microcontrollers along with development tools and specialized support to get you to market fast.


Microchip offers a complete portfolio of display and LED driver solutions:

Featured Products

HV96001 Chip Image


Secondary Micro-Interfaced LED Controller with Deep PWM and Analog Dimming

The HV96001 couples tightly to a secondary microcontroller (MCU) that is typically used for the protocol interface in LED lighting systems. It integrates key features for dimming control, power management and system protection. Its dimming features work with MCU-directed Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) and analog dimming controls to achieve stable operation at 0.01% and lower. The boost controller stage minimizes the operating overhead to increase system efficiency while reducing inductor size. It also provides line frequency rejection with an input voltage range up to 60V. The PWM dimming uses a proprietary architecture to achieve stable dimming capability over an ultra-wide range (10,000:1+ at 400 Hz). Protection features include output overvoltage and undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, load short circuit protection and stuck-at-zero detection of the DIM input signal.

ADM01030 HV96001 LED Driver Evaluation Board Photo

HV96001 LED Driver Evaluation Board

Part Number: ADM01030

To help you get started with your development, the Deep Dimming LED Evaluation Board  is fully assembled and tested to evaluate and demonstrate the features of the HV96001 LED driver. On the primary side of the board, a flyback converter is implemented as an active Power Factor Correction (PFC) controller in combination with a PIC® MCU to provide a PF of > 0.9 for full input range. Supporting both linear and PWM dimming capability, the system’s PWM delivers an exceptionally wide dimming range of < 0.01%. The boost stage provides a higher voltage for the LED string with near-zero ripple for a flicker-free LED current. The load switch is used for PWM dimming with an ultra-wide duty cycle.

Learn More About LED Products by Application Area

Electroluminescent (EL) Backlight

Single-Lamp Drivers

These high-voltage, low-noise EL lamp drivers are designed for driving a large output load of up to 150 nF, or an area of approximately 42 square inches. The H-bridge is used to produce a differential output drive up to 360 Vpp output voltage for high brightness. 

Inductorless Lamp Drivers

These are high-voltage, low-noise EL lamp drivers which use a charge pump to boost the input voltage, eliminating the need for an external inductor and diodes common in conventional topologies.

 Dual-Lamp Drivers

These are low-noise, dimmable, high-voltage, dual-EL lamp drivers designed for driving two electroluminescent (EL) lamps with a combined area of 5.0 square inches. The architecture is capable of driving both outputs with a single inductor and requires a minimum number of passive components.

16-Segment Drivers

These feature up to 200V, 16-channel serial to parallel converter for multiple segment EL displays. The high-voltage outputs and the backplane driver are designed to source and sink ±1.0 mA. 

Offline Driver

This is a high-voltage, off-line EL lamp driver integrated circuit designed for driving EL lamps of up to 350 nF at 400 Hz. The input supply voltage can be a rectified nominal 120V AC source or any other DC source up to 200V and supply the EL lamp with an AC square wave with a peak-to-peak voltage of two times the input DC voltage.

Automotive LED Drivers Products

The automotive LED driver products family consists of generally high brightness LED drivers with advanced PWM control capability such as fast transient response and very low susceptibility to noisy input transients. The products and processes of Microchip Technology are designed to support the rigorous requirements of the automotive customers.

Learn more about all our Automotive solutions.

Backlight LED Drivers

From RGB backlight to multiple string white LED driver applications, the backlight LED driver products family has various solutions to suit different customers’ needs; such as a high-voltage closed-loop LED driver IC with PWM dimming capability for optimizing the LED performance and efficiency and extend LED life or a wide range or a battery-powered PWM DC/DC boost solution in a 2 mmx2mm DFN-8L package.

General-Purpose LED Drivers

The general-purpose LED driver products family offers board base product portfolio for targeting solid-state lighting and general illumination applications. The high voltage LED drivers featuring a wide operating input voltage range up to 450V at high accuracy of +/- 3% current regulation. The high brightness LED drivers can drive up to ten LEDs in series with high-side current-sense programmability at 1A internal Power FET.

Linear Current LED Drivers

The sequential linear driver products family is designed to drive long strings of low-cost, low-current LEDs in solid-state replacements for fluorescent tubes, incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs. The solution minimizes driver circuit component counts, requiring just four or six resistors and a diode bridge in addition to the IC.

 The linear current driver products family offers the simple design solution in a single or multiple channel. The only external component required is a single ceramic bypass capacitor, making the PCB designs extremely simple, and the same capacitor may be shared with several drivers.

Camera Flash LED Drivers

Microchip’s camera flash driver products family is capable of driving one or two camera flash LEDs up to 1.5A with best-in-class efficiency and enhanced current accuracy. These devices are ideal for portable battery-operated applications including smartphones, camera-phones, tablets, notebooks, digital still and video cameras.