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High-Voltage Interface Solutions

High-Voltage (HV) interface devices provide level translation and amplification for connecting low-voltage control circuits to high-voltage driven load circuits. Excellent options for use in MEMS- or piezo-based devices with varying drive requirements, our rich portfolio of HV devices ranges from simple MOSFETs to complex multi-channel HV driver ICs. We also offer digital interfaces that offer simple digital inputs to more complex protocols, such as SPI and I2C. Our more complex HV IC products enable serial-to-parallel conversion functionality, support voltages up to 300V and offer up to 128  output channels. Look through the products listed below to find the right solution f or your application.

MOSFETs - Interface

Low-current MOSFETs intended for voltage regulation, level translation, bypass and protection in systems:

Complementary MOSFET (N and P Channel) Enhancement Mode MOSFET pairs selected for reasonable matching, intended principally for use as drivers in ultrasound and similar applications:

HV Driver Arrays

Provide level translation and high-voltage drive for multiple signals; different digital interfaces include simple digital inputs to more complex protocols available:

HV Amplifier Arrays

Provide level translation and high-voltage amplification for multiple signals in capacitive-drive applications:

Application Specific

Relay Drivers and Controllers
Relay drivers and controllers employ Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) switching techniques to operate relays over a wide input voltage range

Fault Protection ICs
High-voltage fault protection ICs are switches designed to protect system output power supplies against over-current or short-circuit conditions

Complementary MOSFET Level Translator and Drivers
Complementary FET drivers use our proprietary HVCMOS technology to create a fully isolated driver for our complementary MOSFET products

High-Side Current Monitors
High-side current monitors transfer high-side current measurement voltages to a ground-referenced output with a voltage gain

Liquid Lens Driver
The HV892 liquid lens driver is a high-voltage driver for driving variable liquid lenses for various optical applications