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Microchip Training

Solving technical problems and getting your product to market quickly are vitally important to your business. Acquiring the right knowledge and skills is essential to accomplishing this. Because training needs are constantly changing, we offer several methods to meet your needs including online courses, live classroom sessions, customized programs at your facility and our premier MASTERs Conferences.

Microchip Developer Help

The Developer Help section of our website provides quick answers to your technical questions as well as in-depth self-paced tutorials. Topics cover development tools, products and technology basics. New content is continually being added. Get the information you need when you need it.

Live Onsite Training

Organizations that need to have a group of engineers trained at the same time can take advantage of our Live Onsite Training. One of our Technical Training Engineers will work with you directly to create a customized agenda. Our instructors arrive at your location with all presentation materials and equipment. For more information, contact your local Microchip sales office.


MASTERs Conferences

Held in locations around the world, Microchip’s MASTERs Conferences are the premier technical training conferences for embedded control engineers. MASTERs Conferences arm system design engineers of every level with extensive product information and hands-on training to help you scale the learning curve and get your products to market faster. Classes cover a broad range of topics and are taught by Microchip’s application and design engineers.

Technical Training Live

With a worldwide network of Regional Training Centers (RTCs), certified third-party trainers and authorized distributors, Microchip makes it easy to enhance your technical skills with live instruction. These courses are taught by Microchip or Microchip Certified Technical Training Engineers live at various sites throughout the world or online. In addition to having a Technical Training Engineer on location teaching the course, all required tools and materials are provided for use during the class.

Tradeshows and Events

We participate in several industry events and host workshops, seminars and online programs in locations around the world. These events are excellent opportunities to learn about our latest products, technologies and solutions and discuss your requirements with our industry experts.

Microchip Livestreams

Microchip’s Livestreams are an easy way for you reach Microchip Engineers with your questions and design challenges while learning from our latest tutorials. These hour-long events are full of information on how to take your design to the next level. If you are ready to learn in an interactive and engaging environment, visit our Livestream page and subscribe to make sure you never miss a livestream.


Learn about our products, technologies, development resources and other embedded design topics at a place and time that is convenient for you. Visit our webinar archive to see a list of recordings on subjects taught by Microchip experts and industry professionals from partner companies. New webinars will be added as they become available.

IoT Design Week

IoT Design Week is an annual digital event hosted by Microchip, where design engineers and makers can learn about designing for the Internet of Things. During this week-long event, we host daily livestream sessions on a variety of topics, presented by experts from Microchip and our partner companies. Use the link below to access archives of past IoT Design Week livestreams and get additional information.